Levuka Historical Port Town, Fiji Islands

Levuka, Fiji’s first capital, Fiji’s first  UNESCO World Heritage Site

Levuka and Ovalau are off the main tourist track, it is a destination to experience the real Fiji.
Visiting Levuka is also a trip back in time, to a Fiji that remains untouched by mass tourism and commerce. It’s still the way Fiji used to be.

Levuka was the capital of Fiji from 1874 until 1883 when the capital moved to Suva. It was designated a historic town in 1989 and has been recognized UNESCO World Heritage Status in 2013.

Levuka is located on the eastern side of Ovalau, a lush tropical volcanic island of about 100 square kilometers surrounded by large coral reefs. Ovalau is the main island of the Lomaiviti Group which is made up of the islands of Namena, Makogai, Koro, Wakaya, Batiki, Nairai, Gau and Ovalau. The islands are the peaks of deep-sea volcanoes that became extinct millions of years ago.