Levuka – Fiji’s first capital

February 26, 2017
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Experience Levuka and be part of a living heritage… Levuka is a trip back in time, to a Fiji that is still untouched from mass tourism and commerce….
it’s still the way Fiji used to be in the old days.

“Levuka Historical Port Town”

In June 2013, Levuka has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for beeing “an outstanding example of late 19th century Pacific port settlements, reflects the integration of local building traditions by a supreme naval power, leading to the emergence of a unique landscape“.

About Levuka

Founded by trader and settlers as early as 1830, Levuka was the first permanent European settlement in the pacific islands. the place flourished and attracted cotton and coconut planters, sandalwood and beche de mer traders. Merchants arrived to set up shops, bars and hotels. Ships and sailors visited and Levuka turned into a rowdy place. Local chiefs had trouble to maintain control. In 1874 the king over Fiji “Tui Cakobau” and his fellow chiefs ceded the islands to the queen and Fiji became a British colony in 10 October 1874 and Levuka became Fijis’ first capital. Law and order took over and very soon the first school of Fiji was build.
A few years later,lack of space hindert economic growth of Levuka as a capital it was decided to move. So in 1882 the capital was officially moved to Suva, businesses and many people left and Levuka seemed to be doomed to stand still in time.

Levuka today,

is the principal town in the Lomaiviti group (Central Fiji).
It has infrastructure including supermarkets and grocery stores stocked with “European” foods as well as beer, wines and spirits. There are bakeries, hardware & appliance stores.
Local market vendors selling vegetable, fruit and fish.
Cinema, clubs, café and restaurants, churches, schools, museum, library, local government, post office, document and freight couriers, internet access, banks, police force, customs & immigration and a new modern hospital. Accommodations, tours and activities, daily ferry and flight services.

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Getting to Levuka

February 26, 2017
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LevukaGetting There

The Fiji Islands are served by a number of international airlines. Compare flight prices from all major airlines that fly to Fiji on  Travellergo.com
To Levuka and Ovalau
Levuka is located on Ovalau Island, east of Fiji’s mainland Viti Levu. To get there  you have to  travel via Suva by road or fligh Nadi-Suva-Levuka.
There are regular Express buses From Nadi to Suva.Trips are very scenic along the Coral Coast, and take about 3.5 hours and cost is 16 Fiji Dollars.

There are two major bus companies:
Sunbeam Express www.sunbeamfiji.com or
Pacific Transport www.pacifictransport.com.fj

levuka ovalau map Find cheap flights getting to Fiji
By Road and Sea

From Suva to Levuka,
by Patterson Brothers Shipping a bus and ferry service.
Bus departs Suva Main bus Station at 1 PM (find Paterson Bus opposite the Flea Market). The bus takes about 2 houres to the ferry at Natovi Landing, then onto the ferry for a 60 min crossing, then another 60 min ouround the island to Levuka.
Booking and ticket office for the ferry to Ovalau at Patterson Bros., Epsworth House, Nina Street, Suva,
Ph. : 331 5644 or e-mail: patterson@connect.com.fj.
FJ$ 35 one way.

By Air
There is only one daily flight in and out of Ovalau, which  can  connect with the Nadi Suva flights.
The airline operates Twin-Otters or similar aircraft that allow spectacular island views during the flight.

Northern Air Services flights to Levuka from Monday to Saturday, departing Nausori (Suva) Airport at 8.00 AM for a 12 minute flight

Return flight to Nausori at 8.40am. Bookings online or by phone +679 9958162. FJ$80.00 one way

twin otter at Bureta Airstrip, Ovalau
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