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Around the Island Tour:
Taxis are available to hire for tours around the Island

North about 1 km past Wagadaci village is a long stretch of fringing reef easy to acces from shore. Another good place is just off the beach at the Ovalau Holiday Resort.

You may use your fishing gear anywhere of the shore. Ask the locals for good spots. You may also ask local fisherman if you can join them on a fishing trip. Bobo from Bobos Farm or Seru from Silana may take you troling

Hike to the Peak

Leleuvia Island
A beautiful coral island about a 45 minute boat ride from Levuka.

Caqalai Island
Another beautiful coral island south of Levuka, run by the Methodist Church, Backpacker's accommodation.

Lost Island
on Yanuca Lailai, south of Ovalau Island. Its an 72 acres, volcanic rock, limestone island with an amazing nature. - Backpacker's accommodation.

Naigani Island
Small mid priced resort north of Ovalau. Set at a beach in a beautiful lagoon and natural surroundings.

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Leleuvia Island
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